About Me

Groove is at the heart of Antar Goodwin’s playing. This fact has made him one of New York’s first call players. Equally comfortable in the studio and on the stage, he has played electric and acoustic bass on many of NYC’s best stages.

Born in Philly, bassist and composer Antar spent the early part of his life moving with his family. He had a desire to play that showed at a very early age. By the age of five, he was playing drums, and by seven piano and classical violin

When asked how he got started in music Antar states that “music started in me”. His earliest memories are of plunking out melodies on his family’s worn out piano or beating out rhythms on chairs. His first set of drums was purchased after his parents realized that a used drum set was cheaper than new chairs. By the time he was in his teens he traded in his violin and was playing bass, guitar, piano and began to seriously write songs.

Already a Berklee College of Music alumni, Antar next received a scholarship to study at Kripalu, in Lenox MA. Here he met an older fellow traveler who had a measure of success in the music industry, but had become disillusioned with the direction in which he saw his career going. The two became instant friends. Antar spent the next sixty days listening to stories and absorbing musical concepts. It was his new mentor that gave him his first acoustic bass and even more importantly, the conceptual foundation that would shape his sound for years to come.

The next experience would prompt him to start his own group. While in rehearsal with Abbey Lincoln, she pulled him aside and told him that he “was jazz, past and present and future” and that he “had all that [he] needed to be great, [he] just had to let it out.”

Collaborated With

  • Sting
  • Lauryn Hill
  • Abbey Lincoln
  • MIZE
  • Tutu
  • Benny Golson
  • Ezina LeBlanc
  • Matisyahu
  • Patty Smyth